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Funnels & Strategies

We execute digital marketing strategically by setting up Top Secret Conversion Funnels that have been proven to bring in results.

Data Driven

We are obsessed with numbers, analysing and making marketing decisions based on key performance metrics, not guesswork!

Persuasive Landing Page

Your website is your online 24/7 ultimate salesperson. It needs to be able sell the heck out of your products and services


At ASTERISK VENTURES, our focus is on results. We Truly Care about how many leads or sales are generated for your business as these would translate into revenue & profit. We let our results speaks for itself. Check out the case studies below.

Case Study 1:

Outperform Conversion By 6.7x times.

After understanding the account’s objective and gathering key data (customer journey, resource management, etc) that are critical to plan the most optimal digital marketing, our team analyzed and concluded that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) would be the best strategy to achieve the desired results.

22,969 targeted people saw the advertisement on Google, out of which 1,150 clicked on the advertisement and viewed the landing page. 6.69% of the visitors, or 77 leads, made contact via form submit, WhatsApp, and phone calls.

The average conversion rate is 1% across all industries. Amazingly, we outperformed that by a huge margin of 6.69%, which is 6.7x times higher than the industry average.


Our Services

Google Ads.

allows you to take advantage of the benefits of online advertising: show your ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

IG/FB Ads.

Effective way to drive traffic from active users. More and more businesses, no matter the size, rely on advertising on Facebook

Tiktok Ads.

It’s no longer unknown that the businesses that are not on TikTok are missing out on a lot. Reach the audience that matters the most for your brand.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads can help in building a sustainable and trusted brand online in the professional markets.

Web Design

Our web design services includes Landing Pages, Business & E-commerce Websites.

Graphic Design

We do Logos, Name Cards, Posters, Flyers, Billboards, Social Media Posts & Banner Designs.

Why Us

Why Choose Us


The team is made up of digital marketing pioneers, with exceptional experience in digital marketing.


we believe that great companies should be very profitable.

Exceptional Track Record

The digital marketing that we execute for our clients is based on proven methodologies that we have refined over the years.


Digital Marketing Promo

We have 3 promo packages to suit your business needs from starter to standard. For custom ad spend please contact us to get quote.


Suitable for 1st timers.


  • RM1000 Ad Spend Included
  • Complete Ads Management
  • Facebook/IG, Google
  • 1 Ad Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Weekly Reporting


Good for SMEs.


  • RM2000 Ad Spend Included
  • Complete Ads Management
  • Facebook/IG, Google, Tiktok
  • 3 Ads Designs
  • Copy Writing
  • Weekly Reporting


Good for Conversions.


  • RM3000 Ad Spend Included
  • Complete Ads Management
  • Fb/IG, Tiktok & Linkedin
  • 5 Ads Designs
  • Copy Writing
  • Daily & Weekly Reporting

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